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IQ Scores

An Intelligence Quotient (IQ Score) is a total score derived by a standardized test and is designed to measure an individuals human intelligence.  The Global Brain Metrics™ test is designed to measure an array of human intelligence traits such as; Pattern Recognition, Visual Perception, Analytical Thinking, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Orientation and Mathematical Aptitude. In order to compare different IQ Test scores against each other, the scores are converted to 'percentiles'. An IQ score percentile is the the grouping in which your test score falls under, which will give the individual that has taken the test an insight into the percentage of people that have scored a similar score in comparison to other scores that test takers receive.  The Global Brain Metrics™ test results report contains a breakdown of these percentiles and will provide the user with information of where their results rank internationally.

What Is The Average IQ Score?

The average IQ score is dependent on the IQ test that an individual takes. In most modern IQ test, the average IQ score is set at 100. However more modern tests such as the Global Brain Metrics™ IQ Test may also display averages based on the IQ Scores collected internationally from a specific test. Usually 95% percent of the global population that takes an IQ test will receive an IQ Score between 70-129.

The Global Brain Metrics IQ Scale

The Global Brain Metric™ IQ Test will scale an individuals test performance using the following scale:

IQ Score

IQ Level

Above 144


Below 54

Highly Gifted
Above Average
Below Average
Far Below Average

Lower Extreme

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